Hutschenreuther Lying Foal by Helmut Diller (1911-1984)
Hutschenreuther Rearing Stallion by Paul Scheurich (1883-1945)
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Founded in Bavaria in 1814, Hutschenreuther Porcelain produced fine figurines in bone china
including many horses. Around 1856, sons Lorenz and Christian founded their own firm in Selb.
Later know as Lorenz Hutschenreuther, Selb (LHS), this firm expanded and gave us most of the
collectible horses in their line. In 2000, Hutschenreuther was purchased by Rosenthal and today
most of the animal figurines are no longer available.

Hutschenreuther's primary horse modelleurs were Helmut Diller, M.H. Fritz, Carl Werner,
Karl Tutter, Hans Achtziger, Gunther Granget and Professor Paul Scheurich.
Pictures showing the comparison of  two lying foals: one by
Helmut Diller (larger)  and one by Hans Achtziger  (smaller)
Hutschenreuther Lying Foal by Hans Achtziger (1918 -2003)
Hutschenreuther Leaping Foal by Hans Achtziger (1918 -2003)
Hutschenreuther Standing Foal by Karl Tutter
Hutschenreuther Leaping Foal Striking
by Hans Achtziger (1918 -2003)