Kaiser Porcelain
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History of Kaiser
Kaiser Porzellan, then known as "Alboth & Kaiser" or "Alka", was originally founded in 1872 in the dukedom
of Coburg. Later it was moved to Kronach and Hausen, Bavaria and finally to a more modern factory at
Staffelstein. Several important sculptors have worked for Kaiser, including Gerhard Bochmann (who also
worked for Goebel), Wolfgang Gawantka and Robert Tate.
This model began as a white bisque of the
Kaiser #389 Kicking donkey by Gerhard Bochmann.
The bisque was custom glazed by Paige Easley Patty.
Kaiser "The Quarter Horse of North America" by Robert B. Tate
Limited edition of 2000 hand painted OFs; mold #646. Marked Kaiser West Germany.

It seems obvious that Tate tried to produce a sculpture closely resembling the Orren
Mixer quarter horse portrait that is called "The Ideal Quarter Horse" (above right).
This is the Kaiser standing donkey sculpted by Giuseppe Tagliariol (aka "Bepe Tay").
On the left is the decorated OF version; on the right is a custom glazed example done
by Lyne Raff.
This mold is also offered in plain white.
Kaiser #389 Kicking donkey by Gerhard Bochmann.
This is the factory finish version in matte glaze.
I have also see the OF done in a glossy glaze.