Goebel Porcelain
History of Goebel
Goebel Porcelain began in 1871 in Oeslau, Germany , and is
still in business today.  In 1935, Goebel began producing the
famous Hummel line. Goebel Porcelain has produced many
horse figurines, including ones sculpted by Gerhard
Bochmann and  Donald Brindley
This mold is Goebel Trotting Arabian Mold # 2112.
An odd coloration with bay socks but chestnut mane and tail.
This mold is Goebel Shaggy Pony, mold # 3224212.
Marked Goebel West Germany 1977.
This example has a satin glazed body with matte glazed
pinto spots (odd!)