Clermont Fine China Ltd. of Malvern
Clermont Fine China Ltd of Malvern was set up by two Royal Worcester employees in 1975. Ray Poole and John F. Smith ran
the firm until it went into liquidation in 1980. John Smith had originally worked for Royal Worcester until 1971.

In 2002, Horsing Around purchased some of the old Clermont Malvern china working molds.
A few of these horses have been produced by HA after the Clermont factory closed.

During the short time that Clermont was in operation, they produced a few horses most that were sculpted by Rob Donaldson.
Mr. Donaldson was a truly gifted artist working in both 2D and 3D. He even learned tattoo art! Sadly, he passed away in 2011
after a battle with cancer. Rob also worked for Royal Doulton and Country Artists as well as taking independent commissions.
Some of Rob's work can be seen here:
This is the Walking Thoroughbred mold by Clermont Malvern Fine China. It is one of only two tests
(one bay and one grey) produced from the Clermont working mold purchased by Horsing Around.
It was custom glazed by Alchemy Ceramics (Mark Farmer) to a light dappled grey.
*  "Mulgrave Supreme", a Cleveland Bay stallion in harness (sculpted for Queen Elizabeth)
*  "Rio", HRH Queen Elizabeth II's lead harness horse of state
*  "Arabian Stallion Sherazan" (trotting)
*  "Cantering Arabian"
*  "Clydesdale Foal, walking"
*  "Lying Foal"
*  "Corbiere" famous racehorse
*  "Welsh Mountain Pony Stallion"
*   "Walking TB"
*  "Mini Partbred Gelding"
This is the"Partbred Gelding" mini mold by Clermont Malvern Fine China. This mold was one that was
purchased by Horsing Around. Several colors were produced in small OF runs by Alchemy Ceramics.
This Appaloosa color and the grulla pinto below were special runs for HA subscibers only.
A lovely example of the Clermont Cleveland Bay can be seen at Pauline's website:
A lovely example of the Clermont Trotting Arabian can be seen at Pauline's website:
This is the Welsh Pony Stallion mold sculpted by Robert Donaldson and produced by Clermont Malvern Fine China.
The limited edition run was supposed to be 500 but the run was never completed. The factory was only in business
about 5 years (approximately 1975-80) and it is likely that few were made.