Cheval South Africa
Cheval is a company based in South Africa that produces earthenware animals, mostly horses
and ponies. They have a comical line that features fat little ponies with "spaghetti" manes and
tails in various cute poses.  Their more expensive lines include both open and limited editions
of horses. The limited editions typically are 500, 1500 or 2500.

The sculptor of the realistic line is named Jan de Beer. Sometimes his initials "JdB" are written
on the underside of the horse's belly.  I am not sure precisely when the factory opened but the
earliest examples I remember in the USA are from the beginning of the 1990s. There are a few
early molds that are no longer produced, including horses with molded on halters.

Though the editions are considered OF, they are produced over many years and in many colors
so in reality they are not intended to be all the same. The glazes within an edition can range
from matte to satin to glossy, further differentiating horses within the runs.
These are two examples of Cheval Open Edition realistic ponies. These two molds can be found
in many colors and both satin and glossy.
This is an example of an early Cheval Limited Edition horse. It is called Foundation Quarter
Horse and is a limited edition of 500. It is marked 1995. This same mold was originally offered
with a molded on halter.
This is also a Cheval Limited Edition horse. It is called the "Quarter Horse"  and was released
around 2000; it is a limited edition of 2500. This run is offered in a wide range of colors and in
matte, satin and glossy finishes. This one is a matte dappled grey. There is another mold that is
very similar called the "Thoroughbred", the difference being a slightly thinner body and a longer
tail not on the hock.
This is also an example of an early Cheval Limited Edition horse. It is called "Arabian Stallion"
and is a limited edition of 1500. I purchased it about 1996 and it is made from a rough stoneware,
very unusual for Cheval. There is also an Arabian Mare and Arabian Foal to complete the family.
This is the Cheval Drafter released by 1997 and is a limited edition of 2500. This same horse
came with a molded on halter very early but that was discontinued. There was also another
drafter mold that was slightly different named the "Belgian". It was discontinued before 2001.
This current mold is available in many colors and finishes.